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Does Your Wedding DJ Drink On The Job?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

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Do you ask if your DJ drinks alcohol during your wedding day?

It may be something you never thought of before. Most weddings have a bar and easy access for the DJ to get a drink, or two, or more. Sometimes it’s even free.

Alcohol is a drug that does two things. First it lowers inhibitions. This might make a DJ “looser” and help them work the microphone better. Second, it also reduces reflexes.

Lowering inhibitions may sound like it’s OK for a DJ during a wedding to be a better MC, but it can be a major problem. Lowering inhibitions means they are more likely to say things that they ordinarily wouldn’t. They might get into it with one of you guests, or even you, they may even say something stupid that could ruin your day.

Reducing reflexes is also not advisable as a DJ needs to be focused on finding and playing the right song at the right time and manage the smooth transition from one song to the next. Reflexes and reaction time are key to this skill.

Our philosophy is that most people don’t’ consume alcohol when they are at their job. We feel the same way. Djing is our job, and we do not drink on the job.

Bottom line, if your DJ requires alcohol to do your wedding or event, it won’t make them any better at what they do, it’s unprofessional, and can only make things worse, find a better DJ!

Does Your Wedding DJ Drink On The Job?

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