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Get Ready For An Interactive Experience That Will Take Your Team To The Next Level!

"Your Employees are 96% less creative than five year-olds"

A NASA study showed that adults are 96% less creative than children.

We want to help your company fix that.

TEAMJAM is a creative and amazing experience that takes your team members out of their comfort zone, energizes their creativity and enhances their collaborative skills using the incredible power of music.


This competitive program takes between two to three hours and is ideal for an evening event during corporate conferences or retreats, but can be used anytime. It's a fun and interactive way to get employees engaged, learn new valuable skills and reinforce core company values.

We break your group into smaller teams of four or five people and ask them to create original lyrics to popular songs. The subject matter can be anything you want, a new program or product, opportunities or issues they face every day, it's completely up to you. When the songs are completed, the team sings their new masterpiece in a "live concert" setting before their coworkers for a winner takes all contest. The winning team is awarded a cool prize and most of all, huge bragging rights.


How It Works

  1. Pick a topic – product or service, new or existing.

  2. Create breakout teams – 3 to 5 people per team. 

  3. Assign a different song to each team.

  4. Each team goes to a breakout room with their song and writes new lyrics to the entire song based on the topic highlighting features and benefits.

  5. Once songs are completed, teams are to assemble in the main room and each team takes turns on stage singing their version of the song they just wrote.

  6. Judges (made up of management) pick winner(s) and award prizes.

Logistics & Requirements

What We Bring

  • State of the art audio system

  • Microphones with stands

  • Karaoke songs (mp3)

  • Original songs (mp3)

  • Judging Critia

  • Song writing help

What You Bring

  • Venue with main concert room and breakout rooms for each team (Ideally hotel or conference center).

  • Enthusiastic employees willing to try new things.

  • Snacks and refreshments to keep creative juices flowing

  • Prizes for the winning team(s)

Contact US

9 Starlight Lane, Dorchester, On, N0L 1G5  |  Tel: 519 878 9998

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