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My wife Jennifer and I are a team and do all events together. When you hire us you actually get two seasoned DJ's. With two DJ"s you get a much broader depth of music knowledge. We also can strategize on the fly as to what to play next to keep the dance floor packed. The two of us working together turns out to be much grater then the sum of our parts. This is one of the main reasons we continue to maintain our five star rating.

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Starlight DJ Services - Our Story

I have loved music all my life! 


My name is Paul Nuyens and I, along with my wife Jennifer of 28 years own Starlight DJ Services.  I started this venture in 2017 after quitting my full time job as a software engineer.  I had a very close friend pass away on my birthday that year and decided right then and there that life is too short not to do what you love.


I was very active in my high school music program.  I played tenor saxophone and was also that kid that was making the mixed tapes for all my friends (and their friends). I was into everything: Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Funk, Rap, Country, even Jazz and Classical, you name it!  Watching my guitar heroes on TV and on stage was incredible.  The lights, lasers, sound, I love how it all comes together to produce the show.


Fast-forward 30 years and little has changed.  We here at Starlight DJ Services love to make people happy through music.  We use the best quality equipment to provide the best experience for our clients. 


As a small business located in Dorchester, Ontario, we understand that customer service is paramount.  We rely on great customer reviews and word of month for many of our next engagements.  This is why we work so hard to deliver the best experience possible while providing incredible value. 


We are very proud of our 5 star rating on Google, Facebook and, but our highlight was when we were awarded Thames Valley School Board approval as a certified vendor in 2019.

Over 200 Weddings and Events

Since we started in 2017, we have completed over 200 events in southwestern Ontario with the majority of them weddings. Although we take all events seriously, weddings are by far our favourite.  Weddings have a lot of moving parts and when we engage the planning process, then execute on the day of, it's incredible to see it all come together. WE LOVE THE RESULTS!


A bride once said to us, "Trying to pick a wedding DJ is like comparing apples to apples".
We can see how all wedding DJs may look the same on the surface, but when you dig deeper, there are significant differences . Here is a great checklist to help you identify the professionals from the hobbyists.

1. Insurance - We hope we never need, it but we sleep better at night knowing it's there.

2. Licensing - Yes, DJ's need to be licensed to play music in public, or they are breaking the law.

3. Back-up Equipment - In the rare event there is an equipment failure, your wedding doesn't stop.

4. Website - Social media is easy, good quality websites require dedication and show company stability.

5. Online Reviews - The more "five-star" reviews the better. Look for at least twenty.

6. Associations (CDJA) - DJs must follow a code of ethics, which helps you sleep better at night.


7. Planning - Your DJ is an integral part your wedding. Ask about their planning process to ensure your success.

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