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Why not hire a DJ for your next company event?

There are many benefits to hosting a company party for your employees.  Your employees are the most valuable resource your company has and the most expensive to replace.  They are the life blood of your company and it's important to recognize their hard work and dedication.  

A company event is a great way to build teams, show appreciation, allow leadership to connect with employees in a more open environment.  Events need to be fun, engaging but should also have a purpose.

Hiring a professional DJ for your next event can help with all of this.  We can custom tailor your event to ensure a fun an engaging experience.

We offer dance party options where your employees can let loose for a few hours, burn off some stress, and re-charge their internal batteries, or how about a Karaoke contest where you split the employees into teams, they re-write lyrics to a popular song based on a new company initiative.  This is great for team building while helping to re-enforce a new company direction or project.  Have upper management judge the new lyrics and performance.  Give out a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for their creativity.  Give your employees an experience they will never forget.  We've even done dance competitions where managers and employees from different departments, improving overall company communication and forging new internal relationships.


Or maybe all you need is a fun Friday afternoon at the office with some tunes to celebrate a win or a great month end.  The possibilities are endless.

We use state of the are equipment, fun and experienced DJ/MC's that are easy to work with.

We are base in the London, Ontario area but are available to commute to any location in South Western Ontario.

We'd love to work with you to help grow your business!

We had Paul & Jennifer as our DJ/MC for a Dancing with the Stars charity event. He did a phenomenal job with the music, lights, and MCing. Very professional. He was also a HUGE help with keeping in touch for last minute show changes and details. Definitely recommend him to anyone and will be our go-to DJ for future events.

- Shannon Harder

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