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5 facts you didn't know about Fleetwood Mac’s song “DREAMS”

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

This song from one of the top 10 best selling albums of all time and is one that I play at just about every cocktail hour session we do. Stevie Nicks has one of, if not the best female rock / pop voices with a distinctive tone that everyone just loves and it shines beautifully on this song.

5 facts you may not know about Fleetwood Mac’s song “DREAMS”:

1. This was Fleetwood Mac’s only number one song in the US.

2. It was written by Stevie Nicks in about 10 minutes on Sly Stone’s bed.

3. Stevie wrote the song as an answer to Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Your Own Way. (They were getting divorced at the time).

4. When Stevie Nicks presented the song to the band, they weren’t thrilled with it and Stevie had to beg them to record it.

5. Dreams is the 2nd release from the album Rumors (1977) and helped propelled the album to number one spot on the billboard 200 for and incredible 31 weeks. It is the 9th best selling album of all time!


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5 Facts You Didn't Know About: "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac

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