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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

front view of the aqua lounge at Port Credit Ontario
Aqua Lounge Docked in Port Credit

We celebrated Igor's 60th birthday on the Aqua Lounge Cruise out of Port Credit, on July 22, 2023. Boarding time was 7:00pm and all need to be onboard by 7:40pm. We left dock sharply at 8:00pm for our three hour tour of Toronto Harbor.

Back view of the aqua lounge at Port Credit Ontario
Aqua Lounge Docked in Port Credit

The Aqua Lounge has a maximum capacity of 80 people with no more than 25 allowed on the upper deck. Our trip capped out at 25 guest plus us and the crew.

The Aqua Lounge has a really cool winding stair case that's quite reminiscent of what you would see on an earlier model 747. This is the only way to the upper deck

Saturday, July 22 was an absolute beautiful evening with a light breeze and calm seas. Steve, the owner, did a quick safety briefing and we then we set sail.

A view of the aqua lounge's winding star case at Port Credit Ontario
Winding Stair Case

Aqua Lounge Upper Deck
Aqua Lounge Upper Deck

We hugged the coast of Mississauga and headed for Toronto. We had the music playing with one speaker on the upper deck and one on the lower deck. We used a wireless dongle to transfer the sound to the upper deck and it worked perfectly.

Igor is Ukrainian and we played some up-tempo Ukrainian music which he and hit wife, Rita, danced to on the upper deck. It was so nice to see them enjoying them selves.

Some terrific sights to see on the way, but nothing compares to the Toronto down town skyline. The iconic CN tower and the rogers center at it's base.

View of  the Toronto Skyline from the Aqua Lounge just before dusk
Toronto Skyline

We continued to play top forty songs from the 50's through today and had a few people dancing to some standard classics like September from Earth, Wind and Fire, Man I feel Like a Woman from Shania Twain, and of coarse YMCA from the Village People. We did play the 70s classic Don't Rock The Boat on our way out of the harbor as we though that was fitting song. I wanted to play Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, but decided it wouldn't a create a great vibe when on a boat. Jen was pushing me to play the theme of Gilligan's Island, but we also decided to go with some other happier music instead (it was a three hour boat ride).

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As dusk fell we sailed between Down Town Toronto and the Toronto Island airport. It was a stunning sight as the light of the city started to come up.

View of the Toronto Skyline from the Aqua Lounge at dusk
Toronto skyline at dusk

Rita and Igor with the CN Tower in the back
Rita and Igor with the CN Tower in the back


On the way back we saw some fireworks on the coast and that the was a fitting coincidence for Igor's 60th birthday. We just told him we planned it.

This was a absolute treat for us to take part and if you are located or heading to the GTA and looking for something really cool to do with a group, whether it's a corporate event, birthday party, anniversary or even a small wedding, look Steve up at Aqua Lounge Cruise or call (416) 220-1804.

Lake Ontario sail boat at dusk
Lake Ontario sail boat at dusk


Paul Nuyens, event DJ and Owner

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