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Did You Sign A DJ Contract?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Contract Signing

One of most important parts of hiring a wedding DJ (or any wedding vendor) is the contract. Many wedding couples are now finding out due to Covid how important this document is.

A contact is nothing more than a set of rules agreed upon by both parties. It identifies the responsibilities of both parties and should be used to fall back on in the case of a disagreement. The contract is also there to not just protect the DJ or vendor, it’s there to protect you too.

If you DJ doesn’t present a contract at the time of booking (paying deposit) it’s time to find a new DJ. This goes for friends of the family also. If money is being transferred for services, there must be contract. This is your wedding, get the details on paper.

A contract should include basics like the location, time to start, time to end, financial information, equipment, duties and expectations of both parties, cancelation clauses, refunds, etc.

One of the most important clauses in the contract should state that the laws of your state or province will supersede any clauses in the contract. This protects you from anything in the contract that could be deemed illegal.

We also think you wedding DJ should go over the contract with you before booking. This is common courtesy and shows a level of professionalism. If you have questions this is a great time to ask.

You can negotiate the terms of contract. Most contracts are not carved in stone. If there is a clause in the contract that you are not comfortable with, you can ask to have it changed, omitted or another clause added. It’s up to both parties to agree on the terms before signing. We have on a few occasions made changes to contracts to make our clients happy. Once signed, both parties are bound by the terms of that contract. Make sure you are 100% comfortable before signing.

If you’ve done your homework on a wedding vendor, chances are there won’t be any issues on your wedding day. However, as we have seen over the past year with Covid, the contract has been an important document for both wedding couples and wedding vendors.

Did You Sign A DJ Contract?

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