Top Ten Questions To Ask Before You Hire A DJ Service

We suspect many of these you may not have thought about.  It is important that you protect yourself and your guests and do some vetting before hiring a DJ for one of the most important days of your life.  

1. Insurance – Ask your DJ if they carry liability insurance and for how much.  A wedding is a time for everyone to enjoy. However, although rare, accidents can happen. You want to make sure you are protected from any lawsuits.  We recommend a minimum of one million dollars, however two million is better.

2. Licencing – Ask your DJ if they have an up to date Connect licence.  If they answer yes, you know you are dealing with a reputable company and not just some fly-by-night operation.  A Connect license legally allows a person to copy music to a hard drive for the purpose of playing for the public.

3. References and Online Reviews – Ask your DJ if you can speak with one or two references.  Although most DJ’s are honest, anyone can write fake reviews or testimonials on a website. Online reviews are very valuable, take the time to read them.​  We like to see a minimum of 4.5 starts on Google and Facebook.  Remember, you can learn as much from a negative review as you can from a positive review.

4. Music Knowledge – Quiz your DJ on some basic and well-known music knowledge. For example, you could ask if they know who sang Rock Around The Clock – If they say Elvis Presley, they may not be the right fit for your wedding.  BTW, it was Bill Haley and His Comments.

5. Contract – Make sure your DJ gives you a written contract prior to the event. It should outline the date, time, location, equipment required, duties of the DJ, costs (including deposit), music outline (cocktail hour, dinner, dance, etc), and other important items such as what happens if either party cancels.  If they don’t provide a contract that should be a huge red flag.  The contract will protect you as well as the DJ.

6. Backup Plan – Ask your DJ what is their back-up plan and if you can get it in writing.  A reputable DJ will use quality equipment.  This provides not only terrific sound quality, but outstanding reliability.  However, even the best made components can fail.  What happens if a speaker stops working in the middle of the dance, or a wireless microphone fails, or even worse, they can’t make the event at the last minute.​


7. CSA or UL Approval – Ask your DJ if all their equipment is CSA or UL approved.  Some DJ’s like to tinker with special effects such as lighting, or even fireworks.  The last thing you want is a fire to break out at your wedding because the DJ was fooling with dangerous chemicals or faulty electrical wiring.

8. Face to Face Meeting – Always meet your DJ face to face at least once before booking.  This is the person responsible for the entertainment portion of your wedding, you want to meet them get a sense of their personality and how they carry themselves. You don't want any surprises on your wedding day!

9. Alcohol – Ask your DJ if they plan to drink alcohol during the day/evening.  Remember, when you hire a DJ, they are not a guest, they are there to do a job.  If a DJ can’t get thought the day or evening without an alcoholic beverage, this may not be the right DJ for you. ​

10. Website – Check your DJ has a website and it looks professional.  A Facebook or Instagram page just isn't enough. The website should clearly outline the services they offer, packages and pricing, testimonials, and contact information along with an address, phone number and email address.  A picture of the owner and staff is also a must have in our opinion.

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